#12 - Videos

Video 1 - "The Inspector needs "a flawless American accent"

The inspector´s objective is to acquire a perfect American English accent so as to avoid suspicion. “I am going to America, I am going to have to speak with a flawless American accent, so as not to arouse suspicion.”, he says. The problem is that his French accent is so strong that although he tries and practices a lot he can't achieve it.

Video 2 - Students´ dialects?
Even though people speak the same language and share the accent of the same language, still they can misunderstand each other because of sharing different dialects. Apart from this, some negative features of the language such as mispronouncing words, overusing idiomatic phrases, lack of vocabulary and grammar can lead to a mismatch among people.
In this video, even though all the students speak the same language and share the same dialect, they find it really difficult to understand one another.
On the contrary, someone who does not belong to their group would fail in understanding them since their dialect is connected with their age and environment and they do not have the same incongruencies of the language.

Video 3 - Speak English, please!
This video perfectly shows how the first language interferes in the production of a second or foreign language. In this case, the Iranian man speaks perfect English, but the problem is that the accent of his mother tongue is so strong that it becomes almost incomprehensible for his audience. Therefore, they need to add subtitles to his speech. Last, the man is a bilingual person because he speaks two languages.